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 Personal Safety

When venturing out you should always P.L.A.N.

Prepare yourself. Know where you’re going and ensure you know how to get there. Do you need a mobile phone, map, torch or personal alarm?

Look confident. Body language is important. Don’t look vulnerable, hold your head up and walk with a purpose.

Avoid risk. Go around with others. Use well illuminated routes when out on foot at night. Don’t take short cuts and tell someone where you’re going and when you plan on coming back.

Never assume. Always be aware of your surroundings. To consider risk an important part of keeping safe.

Lone Workers Policy

Apprentices should not be left alone; a member of staff needs to be in charge near by. Any member of City Training Services staff working in a quiet or remote are of the building should inform a line manager as soon as possible.

Mobile Phone Safety

Follow these simple rules to keep your mobile safe:

Every phone has its own individual serial number. This can be found by dialing *#06#. Write it down. If your phone is stolen your network provider will require it.

To report a stolen mobile phone and have it barred you should call your own network provider.

Orange: 07973 100150 (contract); 07973 100451 (prepay)

O2: 0344 809 0202 (contract); 0344 809 0222 (prepay)

Vodafone: 03333 040101 (contract); 03333 040101 (prepay)

EE/T Mobile: 07953 966250

Virgin Mobile: 0845 6000 789

Useful Numbers

Securytext: 07909 792405

City Training Services Emergency: 07909 914199

West Yorkshire Police Non Emergency: 0845 6060606

Crimestoppers: 0800 555111

Emergencies: 999

Campus Watch

Campus Watch was set up recently as a joint enterprise between the College, University and West Yorkshire Police to help create a safe environment for all students and staff.

At the heart of the activity is a range of contact points where students can seek advice, report incidents or express any concerns they may have. These contacts are available by email, text or telephone and information may be left openly or anonymously as preferred.

Student Safespot

If you feel unsafe walking around the local student area, help is on hand through the STUDENT SAFE SPOT SCHEME.

Safe Spots are places where you can go to wait until you feel safe, call a taxi home or contact the Police if you need to. As well as local businesses who are part of the scheme; remember that you’ve got the free UBUS or you can call a Safe Taxi on 01274 740623 to get you home safely!

Look out for the Student Safe Spot logo and for more info go to

Property – Lost & Found

You are strongly advised to keep all valuables with you whenever possible.

City Training Services will not accept responsibility for articles lost or left in classromms or offer to look after them. If you lose an item of personal property you should inform your Tutor/Training Coordinator/Assessor.

All property found on City Training Services premises should be handed into the Receptionist. Any property not claimed within 3 months will become the property of the person regarded as the finder.

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