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Former Trainee Returns to Inspire Others

Former Traineeship student Mohammed Uddin, 17, returned to City Training Services (part of the Bradford College Group), to discuss how despite being kicked out of Sixth Form how he managed to turn his life around by completing the Traineeship course and then went on to secure an apprenticeship with Yorkshire Housing, Leeds.  He said his confidence took a major boost after successfully completing his work placement at Shield Secure Solutions and this gave him the drive and focus to go onto the next level.

He spoke at length to the current learners on the course, advising them not to waste their work placement chance and obtaining a reference from this could be critical for the next stages in their life.

He firmly believed in the learning rationale of apprenticeships as opposed to the financial costs attributed to going onto higher education. In addition, he advised leaners to further develop and consolidate their I.T. skills as such a skill set is vital in today’s workplace. He jokingly said a lot of the “older” colleagues at work were always asking him routine IT tasks to do and this helped him gain further workplace kudos and respect.

Learners were completely engrossed listening to what he had to say and I myself was taken aback by his teaching skills as he made a great effort to get to know everyone, their collective hopes and aspirations.

It was a truly inspirational account of having and wanting to develop the growth mind-set in order to make a positive change and act as a role model for others to follow, this exemplifies what Traineeships are really all about.

I am pleased to say that he will be returning again and speaking to the next cohort of learners.

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